Revolutionary Hearing Aid from ReSound

ReSound LiNX is the smartest, smallest and most powerful hearing aid to date and is sure to wow you with its convenience and shape. It provides 360-degree hearing fully equipped to meet all levels of hearing loss and suits any lifestyle.

Revolutionary Hearing Aid What makes ReSound LiNX different from other hearing aids? It is designed to connect directly with apple products including the iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can stream music, phone calls and more without relying on any other devices. Hearing loss will no longer prevent you from communicating as conversations will be transmitted directly from your iPhone to your ReSound LiNX hearig aid. Get directions while driving, watch a movie on-line, listen to your favorite songs and more and with the ease of one barely visible and comfortable hearing aid!

Gordon’s Hearing Aid Centers in Harrisburg, PA is excited to show you ReSound LiNX, ask for Scott Gordon to learn about this amazing and easy new hearing aid.

Benefit from a Free Hearing Evaluation including:

  • Hearing Exam &Hearing Aid Testing
  • No Tax On Hearing Aids, After Sale
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Warranty Covering Lossed or Damaged

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